Private Autopsy

Medical MalpracticeMichael Iliescu, MD

Private autopsies are needed in hospital deaths (even in cases where a hospital autopsy was performed), deaths for which the Medical Examiner did not assume jurisdiction and perform an autopsy, and in any suspicious deaths or deaths in which a second opinion is needed. Due to the fact that the medical examiner has the right to certify a death based only on the review of the medical records and circumstances surrounding the death of an individual, an autopsy is not performed in all of the Medical Examiner cases.

A private autopsy can answer many important questions you may have, and can serve as an important tool in the case of a lawsuit.

In addition, a private autopsy can provide immeasurable benefits to the offspring of the decedent by helping to identify the genetic indicators of hereditary and often degenerative diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s.

Our staff pathologist has many  years of experience in the field of forensic pathology, and he has served as a medical examiner for four jurisdictions. This enabled him to investigate a wide range of forensic cases and he can assist the families with finding answers to their questions. Our private autopsy services recently added Tucson to the area we provide services to in Arizona.

We are affiliated with a well known professor of neuropathology who will assist us with the neuropathological examination, in the natural deaths in which brain examination is needed. If the death investigation is the paramount issue of the case, our death investigator will assist you with that process.

Our goals are to:

  • Provide a confidential, professional and independent service to families in need
  • Provide medicolegal evaluation to identify the manner in which a death has occurred
  • Answer any questions on how death investigation is performed in the state of Arizona, and to inform you what your rights are

Autopsy Technician

Pathology Assistants (“dieners”) are trained to assist with autopsies. Our diener will assist the hospital pathologist with every phase of a private autopsy, including taking pictures and assisting in trace evidence collection. Our Pathology Assistant is knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology and what histological sections need to be taken.

Tissue Procurement

Autopsy & Forensic services, Inc. procures tissue and organs for research groups or tissue banks.


Please contact Hospice of the Valley for bereavement support and/or referral. Hospice of the Valley has various groups running throughout the Valley at no charge.

Fee Schedule

Many services are offered, including full autopsy and partial autopsy. To learn more, contact us at (480) 786-4256.