Medical Consulting

Michael Iliescu, MD

Dr. Michael Iliescu’s specialty is in Forensic Pathology, and he has served as Medical Examiner in Arizona, Florida, and Washington State and has completed over 1900 autopsies. He has testified in federal, state and county courts. Dr. Iliescu is able to address situations including, but not limited to, wrongful death, child abuse, and vehicular homicide cases from a medical examiner’s perspective. Furthermore, Dr. Iliescu is also able to provide the family and the attorney client with a medical opinion assisting them with information regarding death investigation and the medical examiner system.

Dr. Iliescu is also available to perform toxicology analysis and private autopsy examinations in Phoenix and Tucson areas. Finally, Dr. Iliescu is able to provide preliminary medical opinion in other cases and help guide attorney clients to the appropriate medical specialist in cases outside the specialty of forensic pathology.