Autopsy & Forensic Services has provided assistance to families and attorneys for over 13 years, using the medical expertise of Dr. Michael Iliescu, specializing in forensic pathology.

With his background as medical examiner, Dr. Iliescu brings insight in medical malpractice, wrongful deaths and criminal cases.


Did You Know?

We can provide services which include:

  • Investigation of medical malpractice issues
  • Determination of the presence of hereditary diseases
  • Investigation of civil litigation (lawsuits) from medical and biomechanical perspectives
  • Issues surrounding a death that may not fall within the County Medical Examiner’s jurisdiction, even if the case requires a medico legal investigation (ex. hospital deaths do not always fall inside the Medical Examiner’s jurisdiction).
  • Traveling to the funeral home where the body is located. If the funeral home does not have the facilities for an autopsy, another location is provided by Autopsy & Forensic Services. We primarily perform private autopsies in the Phoenix and Tucson areas, but we will accommodate other locations in Arizona and Washington state on a case by case basis
  • Providing the family with answers regarding the cause of death with the autopsy conducted by a licensed forensic pathologist, and following a thorough forensic examination